Young Professionals Council

Founded in 2013, UMOM’s Young Professionals Council (YPC) is an active group of diverse community leaders between the ages of 21 and 39. The goal of the YPC is to engage and inspire the next generation of UMOM supporters and to spread awareness of UMOM initiatives in the community.

As a YPC Member, you will…

  • Advocate: Spread awareness about UMOM’s commitment to preventing and ending homelessness through targeted service and social activities and community outreach
  • Engage in Professional Development: Participate in bi-monthly meetings, enjoy presentations from guest speakers such as UMOM Executive Leadership, Board of Directors, community leaders and learn more about board operations
  • Fundraise: Coordinate and provide support for fundraising activities
  • Network: Network with like-minded peers at YPC events, mixers and member activities
  • Volunteer: Interact with UMOM residents through a variety of volunteer activities

By joining you would be committing to:

  • A two-term term
  • Attending in-person, bi-monthly, board-structured meetings
  • Making a modest financial contribution

Interested in joining the YPC? Please take a minute now to fill out the interest form below. Once submitted, we’ll get back to you with more information!

YPC Chairs

Jenifer Warnhoff, Chair

Lisa Sullivan, Treasurer

Abby Elsener, Impact Chair

Elissa Brown, Vice Chair

Emily Tadano, Membership Chair

Cambria Bowman, Activities Chair

“Giving back to the community has always been a passion of mine, and in 2015 when I was introduced to UMOM, I immediately knew this organization was something special. It wasn’t about giving a handout, but giving a hand up. Being able to watch individuals and families go through the program and leave with a newfound passion for life is beyond rewarding. UMOM has allowed me to tap into my passion for helping others and find personal growth in the success of each person’s life I have been able to touch through my service.”

Jenifer Warnhoff, Young Professional’s Council Chair

“I don’t think some people understand the vicious cycle involved with homelessness. When you are homeless with no money, no education, no business apparel, no transportation, and no childcare, it is hard to just go out and “get a job.” Providing resources, and using innovative strategies to end homelessness is how we need to succeed.”

Jason D. Maynes, Former Chair of UMOM’s YPC, Current UMOM Board Member

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