UMOM provides Crisis Shelter, Supportive Services and Affordable Housing

Staying at a shelter is just one stop on the journey to ending homelessness.

For UMOM, shelter is a strategy. The moment a family or individual steps into shelter, we listen. We learn who they are and what happened to them. We match services and programs to their needs. With our help, they show us how they will overcome their challenges and, wherever possible, how they will return to the community in a permanent home.

Families and individuals in housing:

  • Work
  • Pay taxes
  • Spend money in our community
  • Have children who do better in school and in life
Kids who switch schools frequently due to housing instability tend to perform less well in school, are more likely to have learning disabilities and behavioral problems and are much less likely to graduate from high school.

When you support UMOM, you help us maintain and operate shelters that provide families, single women, and military veteran families with a chance to turn their lives around.