Supportive Services

UMOM’s expansive continuum of services empowers us to tailor programs and services to meet the specific needs of each family or individual. Together, we can meet our ultimate goal of permanent, affordable housing.


Once a single woman or family arrives at a UMOM shelter, they work with a housing specialist to address their specific barriers to permanent, stable housing.

Low barriers to housing:

  • Eviction
  • One parent out of work
  • Poor credit history
  • Low but sustainable income

High barriers to housing:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Multiple evictions
  • No income
  • No marketable skills
  • Mental illness
  • Substance Abuse

Once the assessment is complete, case workers match clients to services that will help them address and overcome barriers. UMOM provides an enormous number of services and programs for families, youth and young adults, single women and military veterans and their families.

Here is a sample of what is available for each:

Adults in Families

Educational services. Referrals to GED tutoring and testing, and support in college enrollment.

Workforce Services. Sustainable income is a primary strategy to end or prevent family homelessness. UMOM’s team of career specialists provides a pathway to a regular paycheck by using a menu of employment and workforce services tailored to each family’s unique needs. We link families to outside programs and support agencies to that can help people get the training they need to find and keep a job.

Health and Wellness. UMOM’s Health and Wellness Program assists clients in navigating and connecting to onsite and community medical clinics and provide access to training for things like weight management and smoking cessation.

Children in Families

Children Services. Our Children Services Team will meet with every family upon entry into shelter to identify needs, support the case managers in building and working a plan around those needs, and designing a successful exit strategy. The team will focus on school enrollment and attendance; DES childcare subsidy and enrollment; help families connect to childcare; and ensure families have connections to schools and childcare near their new housing.

Wellness Center. In partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, kids receive immunizations, medical care, vision and hearing screenings and more. Health care services for adults are also available through partnerships with Health Care for the Homeless and Circle the City.

Boys and Girls Club.  UMOM’s family shelter has the only on-site Boys and Girls Club in Arizona.

Job training and placement. UMOM’s Workforce Development Team provides a menu of employment and workforce services tailored to the unique needs of youth and designed to connect individuals with employment, education and training, along with job placement support.

Single Women Without Children

The Diane & Bruce Halle Women’s Center is the first Arizona shelter designed specifically for single women. Services at the Halle Women’s Center include:

Housing. From the first moment a woman comes into contact with us at the Halle Women’s Center, she receives robust, housing-focused case management. Every woman receives assistance to develop a housing plan and housing search.

Support. Women at the Halle Women’s Center are connected to community services that offer employment assistance, health care, social support and other services.

Military Veterans and families

UMOM is committed to providing services to veteran families in our community struggling with homelessness and has a dedicated team to ensure services are available as needed. Veterans families experiencing homelessness and eligible by VA are immediately put in to emergency shelter or a hotel and begin receiving individualized supportive services such as help with employment, access to healthcare and permanent housing programs that lead to a life of stability.

“We are proud to ensure dignity, respect and a home to those who have served and sacrificed for our country.”  – Jackson Fonder, UMOM CEO

The life-changing work at UMOM is only possible because of our community partners and supporters.  Thank you Carlisle Companies for supporting our veterans services program.