The eviction moratorium has once again been extended until October preventing tens of thousands of Arizona families from being evicted – for now. However, not all families are protected.

UMOM New Day Centers has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people needing assistance. Many are already being kicked out of their homes despite the freeze due to the confusion around the moratorium and the multiple extensions.

The problem will only worsen once the moratorium lifts. As families continue to be forced from their homes over the next few months, they not only face soaring rent prices in the Valley, but with a prior eviction now on their record they will find it nearly impossible to find a place to live. We help people overcome eviction barriers to secure permanent, affordable housing.

Would you consider helping a family impacted by COVID-19?

For over 57 years, UMOM has been helping people with all types of circumstances and barriers get back to a life of stability. As the largest emergency shelter in the state, we serve over 75% of the families seeking help. But we couldn’t do that without you.

Your generosity helps UMOM provide services to people in crisis. We help navigate the eviction process by connecting them to available resources and providing assistance such as gas cards or bus tickets to get to out-of-state family. Our emergency shelters provide everything needed, from hot meals and a safe bed to employment services and housing assistance for those with no other options or resources.

Your support is more critical than ever. Your donation powers the work we do and strengthens our community at a time when so many people have been affected by the pandemic.

Helping When It’s Needed Most

Your generosity means so much to families like Kelly’s, who, after her mom died, struggled to find a place to live because of a prior eviction on her credit report.

Kelly and her two teenage kids lived with Kelly’s mom so they could share the cost of rent.

As she began to pick up the pieces of her life, Kelly and her children were forced out of the rental unit when her mom passed and spent the next few months trying to find a place to live. But rising rent prices and the old eviction automatically disqualified her applications from being accepted.

The family had no choice but to live in their car. With an adult-sized son and daughter, space was tight in the car, often causing tension and intense disagreements. Kelly’s son stayed with friends when he could, but the separation was hard on the family.

Kelly sought help from UMOM, and once a room was available at our family emergency shelter, the family was finally able to live together comfortably in one space and focus on the future. Kelly continued to work and get counseling. Our housing specialists worked diligently to help the family find an affordable home with a washer and dryer – amenities Kelly never had in a rental before.

Kelly, her son and daughter (not pictured) are now in an affordable unit, where they plan to stay long-term.

Kelly says the help she got from UMOM has changed her life.

“We’re a family and we’re together and, we are happy again. And I owe that all to UMOM.”

Because of your generosity, UMOM was there for Kelly’s family when they needed help. Your continued support makes it possible for us to be there for those seeking help today, tomorrow, and over the next weeks and months.

We’re in unprecedented times with many challenges ahead, and we are deeply thankful to all of you who answer our call for help. We appreciate all that you do to support and advance our mission of ending homelessness.

Thank you for your commitment to help end homelessness in our community.