UMOM was thrilled today to welcome the Easton Area High School Red Rover Marching Band for a performance following the Fiesta Bowl Parade especially for families and women at its main downtown campuses. In addition to the performance, Easton students donated 30 boxes full of much-needed items for homeless families, women and youth.

Earlier today, the Red Rover Band marched in the 47th Annual National Bank of Arizona Fiesta Bowl Parade, earning rave reviews from the parade’s thousands of visitors and fans.

The band, made up of more than 300 students, is known for its rousing performances locally and nationally. The community has a long, proud history: Easton Township was founded in 1752, and on July 8, 1776, it was one of only three sites where the Declaration of Independence was originally read. Band participation is a multi-generational phenomenon, with many students representing the second or third generation of family performers.

The band’s director, Carole Lutte, talked about why today’s parades and donation to UMOM are so important to her students. “When the Red Rover Marching Band is fortunate to travel to experience wonderful performance opportunities all over the country I have always thought we need to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to have the ability to travel thanks to our families and the Easton Area Community. Therefore, each time we travel we have adopted a cause to support. The support of the cause reminds our students of how fortunate we are but also that many times we have incorrect impressions of situations. My hope is that when my students leave me they will continue to serve at whatever level they are able and also to see that every person deserves respect and dignity.”

“It is so meaningful to our families to get to witness this special performance,” said Melissa Steimer, UMOM Chief Development Officer. “The holidays can be an especially difficult time when you don’t have a permanent home. These young band members bring a joy and energy that is contagious. And, their generous hearts to help fill a need with the donations is incredible!”

The band performed at UMOM New Day Centers main campus on east Van Buren and the Halle Women’s Center located directly across the street.