Because Homelessness Should Be Brief, Rare and Nonrecurring

While most people familiar with UMOM New Day Centers’ work know we provide emergency shelter for families, single women and youth experiencing homelessness, they are not necessarily familiar with the wide range of services we offer to our clients to prevent and end homelessness. Nor are they likely to know how many everyday items we go through to support our clients’ basic needs, such as toilet paper and shampoo.

At UMOM, we give families single women in our emergency shelters 120 days to begin the journey toward a new life and long-term place to live and it is not a path we expect people to walk alone. Our experienced and compassionate case managers spend time with our clients to craft an individualized case plan. Because each person who comes in the doors of UMOM has a different situation than the next, each plan is as unique as a snowflake.

Clients can get healthy while they are at UMOM, as they have access to health care services at our on-site medical clinic, operated by our partners, Circle the City and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The search for an affordable place to live begins almost immediately. Housing specialists help adults with finding suitable housing, depending upon the individual or family’s situation. In some cases, families participate in Rapid ReHousing, a program that places people in units right away while counselors help them work on the issues that pushed them into homelessness.

UMOM’s workforce development team does more than just help people look for work. They provide resume-writing assistance, help clients apply for jobs, prepare them for interviews and ready them for job fairs, which have been held online for the past year. Additionally, clients can get new outfits so they can dress appropriately for their meetings with prospective employers.

UMOM provides all meals and daily necessities to families, women and youth in our emergency shelters, including toiletries and personal hygiene supplies. We stock and distribute to clients everything each of has in our bathroom cabinet or nursery, including diapers, women’s sanitary products, and other items, such as lotion and lip balm.

The work we do is critical to the community and only possible because of your support. For #AZGivesDay, we decided to dig into what we do and give you a quick rundown of “By the Numbers,” some of which surprised even those of us who work here.