Chloe came to Arizona from San Diego, California, with her daughter, week-old son, and a baby on the way. Chloe had been living at the Salvation Army, but knew she didn’t want to be in a shelter forever. She wanted a job to support her family and her own place to raise them in.

“It’s stressful in a shelter,” says Chloe. She found it difficult to find job opportunities that would help her realize her goals. She felt stuck.


She decided to make a change. She moved out to Mesa, Arizona, where she and her family found UMOM. They now have their own apartment, and through UMOM’s resources, she was able to find a job as a caretaker.

Having found her independence, Chloe has been able to give her family the life they’ve always wanted. She and her family love it in Mesa. “The kids are doing well,” Chloe says.


Chloe wants everyone to know that UMOM can help people like her who are struggling to get out of shelters and into their own homes.

“It really does help. You always have to think positive because there are people out there who are going to help you.”

Chloe is hoping to own her own home in a year’s time. “Would love for my kids to have their own backyard and place to play,” she says. With her steady caretaking job and UMOM’s support behind her, Chloe is moving closer to reaching that goal every single day.

There are more people like Chloe in our community who are looking for the chance to better their lives. When you make a donation to UMOM, you give them that chance. Please consider donating today, and turn more dreams into reality for families in our community.

Note: This is a true story from an actual UMOM client. To protect our client’s privacy, we have changed the names for this retelling.