Before, homeless single women had to sleep on cots in a gigantic open room. Now, women can find hope, safety and dignity at UMOM’s new Bruce & Diane Halle Foundation Center for Women.

The Women’s Center opened in July 2017 and is the first and only shelter in Maricopa County designed specifically for single women experiencing homelessness.

The way it was
For the past 20 years, single women had to go to the Watkins shelter. It was a start, but it wasn’t good.

There were just 30 showers for 130 women.

Women received only one meal a day.

Local rules forced women to get out of the shelter every morning at 7:00 and they were not allowed to return until 3:00 in the afternoon, making it hard to connect them with services.

Because of Watkins’ location, women had to deal with an almost constant threat of violence.

The way it is now
Now, at the Halle Women’s shelter, a woman lives in a beautifully refurbished motel.

She has two or three roommates, rather than 130. She and her roommates share a private bathroom.

She receives three nutritious meals each day and, during daytime hours, will work with a caseworker who helps her solve the issues that rendered her homeless.

She will have access to health care.

Security systems on the campus mean she will be safe.

Most important of all, through the provided services, she will be on a path toward a permanent home.

“We talk a lot about homeless men and homeless families, but how often do we talk about homeless women?” said UMOM New Day Centers CEO Darlene Newsom. “So you can see why this is a happy day for our community: finally, in 2017, we have a full-service shelter for single women.”

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