Thank You

Thank you so much for being a part of our UMOM family and for your monthly or recurring gift.

Your generosity makes possible the life-changing work we do at UMOM. And, your support is needed now more than ever.

Your donation provides families and single women with a safe place to stay, nutritious meals, and wrap-around services to help them get back on their feet and transitioned to a life of stability. 

Because of YOU, each year, we’re able to serve over 800 women in our women’s emergency shelter, over 800 families in our emergency shelter programs, and over 550 families in our housing program.

To learn more about the work UMOM is doing to prevent and end homelessness, join us for a virtual mission tour for an inside look at what we do and why your support is so important. More information is available here. You can also follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. 

If you have questions about your gift, you can contact our Donor Engagement Coordinator, Jayme Porter, at or via phone at 602-296-6869. A yearly statement will be mailed in mid-January of each year with a total of your annual contributions.

Together, we’re one step closer to ending homelessness in our community.

Your Support in Work

impact report 2

Meet our Heroes for the Homeless

Andrea Cummins
Andrew and Katherine Rountree
Angel Leslie
Anton Jones and Sandra Mancinelli-Jones
April Frost
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Lambing
Bob and Lisa Cobourn
Caitlin Hilbrands
Calvin and Norma Lackore
Carmena Smith
Cathy Curtis
Charles Blatt
Charles and Vonnie Wanner
Christopher and Randi Schaefer
Cynthia Chandler
Darla and James Haller
Dave and Jeannette Delster
David Eddings
Debra Rapisarda
Devin and Anna Fraley
Donald and Jo Ann Puyear
Douglas and Eleanor Norris
Edlih Gallardo
Eileen Cigala
Eleanor Fields
Elizabeth Nellsch
Emily Blazev
Ethan Freund
Eugene and Jacquelyn Mullins
Fine and Tem Akinduro
Forrest Holemon
Francis Goh
Gary and Lynnda Evans
Gilbert and Sherryl Cooper
Grover and Cindy Hahn
Isaac Fitzsimmons
Jaime Bratcher
James and Carol Ellis
Janis Fitch
Jeff and Janice Procter-Murphy
Jeffrey and Lannie Sater

Jennifer Jarrell
Jerry and Christina Hamilton
Jessica Van Ranken
Joan Neer
Joan Strawn
Joanne Lewis
Joe Bailey
Joe and Michele Dearborn
John Bonnell
John and Karen Eamigh
John and Elaine Ehmann
John and Judy Ferrin
John and Marilyn Hanna
John Mattox
John Sinks
Joseph Remington and Lisa Wieduwilt
Juanita Garcia
Judith Willcoxson
Karen Buxton
Karen Cruz
Karen Havird
Kasey Bowker
Katrina Shawver
Keith and Beth Troxler
Kimberly Jansen
Lanny and Judy Royer
Larry and Kay Langstaff
Laura Harper
Laura Matera
Laura Stover
Lauri Gritti
Laurie Wallace
Les and Marlene Kimball
Lindsi Weber
Madeleine Lutz
Mary Price
Mary Talkington
Matthew Looney
Melissa Harris
Melissa Trieckel
Michael and Nancy Downing
Mike and Christa Barro

Nancy Walker
Naomi Mills
Nick Jensen
Paisley Rossetti
Pam Nabers
Pat and Dolores Spicer
Patricia Crenshaw
Paul Estes
Paul and Sandra Everett
Peggy Kmak
Peter and Mary Vedder
Philip and Kathirose Crawford
Phyllis Hirsch
Rachel and Brenda Smith
Rachel Lusk
Rachel Rose
Ralph and Glenda Earle
Randy and Melissa Garcia
Rania Saleem
Rhonda Riva
Robert Hall
Robert and Kathryn James
Robert and Stephanie White
Roger Sparks
Ronald Marcia Blake
Roopa Sreeni
Ruby Vineyard
Ruth Murphy
Ryan Marble
Sarah Rosario
Sharon Binion
Stephen Kelly Loonam
Steven Hadley
Sue Allan
Tasha Warren
Theresa Paszkiewicz
Tom Dumbauld
Tom and Lynette Lewis
Victoria Lev
Virginia Collings
William Shea
Zac and Cristi Janes