Mandy was a young woman with six children and nowhere to go. It seemed like it all happened so fast – a divorce, a lost job, no family to help her – and suddenly, she and her kids were experiencing homelessness.

But Mandy found UMOM, and that’s when things started to change. She stayed with us for two years, and when she left, she said, “You helped me get back on my feet and build me back up. If it wasn’t for this program, I don’t know where we would be now.”

Mandy’s words are humbling and fill us with gratitude. We know that none of the work we do is possible without you. Your compassion, kindness and generosity is what truly changes lives.

Now, during this season of giving, the State of Arizona makes it possible to continue your work with us and give a gift to yourself.

It’s called the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Under this tax law, your donation to UMOM becomes a dollar-for-dollar reduction to your 2017 tax liability. In other words, you reduce what you pay in taxes PLUS you help us provide critical shelter and housing services to more than 4,300 homeless families, single women and teens.

Here’s how it works:

  • You make a year-end donation to UMOM (it’s easy to make your gift online). You can also send your gift via traditional mail to:

UMOM New Day Centers
3333 East Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008

  • Individuals may donate up to $400. Married couples filing jointly can give up to $800. Married couples filing individual returns may each donate up to $400.
  • When you file your 2017 taxes, you will report your donations on Arizona Tax Form 321.
  • You DO NOT have to itemize your state taxes to receive the credit!
  • For more information on the tax credit, please visit the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Will you help us?

We are grateful to live in a state where this is possible. And, we’re especially grateful for the consistent support you give to UMOM New Day Centers and people like Mandy.

If you still have questions, please let us help. Call us at 602-889-0685 or email your question to

Please take a moment to make your donation now. THANK YOU!!