We Are Passionate About Our Donors

February is an ideal time to talk about how much we appreciate and love our donors. Without your continued support, we could not do the work we do at UMOM. 


No child should ever have to sleep on the streets. Together, we are leading the effort to end homelessness in our community. 


Every day, you make our work to offer comprehensive services and programs for families facing homelessness possible, such as providing a safe place for them to sleep at night, nutritious meals and workforce development assistance to our clients so they can find good jobs. We know the affordable housing crisis will continue for the foreseeable future and families will need UMOM more than ever in the next few years. 


Thank you for your part in helping UMOM serve 15,000 men, women and children each year. 

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Jackson Fonder

Chief Executive Officer

UMOM, Community Groups Conduct Annual Point-In-Time Count

In January, UMOM participated in the annual Point-In-Time count, a yearly analysis and survey of the people in our community experiencing homelessness. Organized by the Maricopa Association of Governments, volunteers and staff from service providers set off bright and early on a Monday morning to count as many people as possible living in shelters and on the streets. 


The data collected helps organizations like UMOM better tailor support services to people in need. The Point-In-Time count is conducted in communities across the country on the same day each year. 

At UMOM, Your Support Powers Our Work

Meet Janie and George

Janie didn’t enjoy living on the streets, but she had become accustomed to it after having lost her job and home as she struggled with addiction. She slept at bus stops, quiet parks and sometimes in her car when she could. It was a hard way to live, but this went on for months, until one day, she decided enough was enough and it was time to get clean and improve her life.

Janie reached out to Halle Women’s Center for help. Only weeks after moving in, she found a temporary job that helped her save money to fix her car, which enabled her to find a more permanent position she loves with the help of UMOM’s Workforce Development staff. She even won a Fry’s gift card for her excellent efforts at her new job.

Janie is now on a path to stability: at the end of January, she moved into an affordable apartment of her own.


Not long after George was discharged from the Army 20 years ago, he was hurt in a car accident, which left him with back injuries that caused him chronic pain. Despite his health problems, George worked whatever jobs he could and went to college part-time.

But George’s health issues continued to surface and after having to take time off to heal, the family was short on cash. Although his wife has a full-time job, it’s not enough to cover living expenses, including raising a teenage son with special needs. They had to rely on George’s retirement to help pay the bills. At the same time, their landlord raised the rent too high for them to afford.

The family was forced to stay in hotels, seeking assistance from Veterans’ groups to help pay for rooms. George got on the waiting list for UMOM’s family emergency shelter and within a few weeks, a space opened for them. While at UMOM, George was able to get medical help for his health issues and assistance expediting his application for disability. Workforce Development staff helped him find a part-time job to supplement the family’s income and housing specialists helped the family find an affordable apartment.

Ryan Companies Delivers Fundraising Check to UMOM 

UMOM partner Ryan Companies dropped off a sizable donation of $37,482.19 in January, the result of a number of fundraising efforts by company employees during the company’s RyanGivesBack Week (RGB), which includes T-shirt sales, RGB Bingo Night, RGB Night Golf and an RGB Cookbook.

Thank you, Ryan Companies, for partnering with UMOM to restore hope, rebuild lives and end homelessness!

Sign Up for  “Behind the Scenes”

Every month, CEO Jackson Fonder gives you a chance to hear details about UMOM’s programs through a virtual Behind-the-Scenes discussion with one of our organization’s amazing program team members. February’s chat will be with Anna Gama, manager of the Family Housing Hub, the point of entry for help for all families facing homelessness in Maricopa County.

Anna will talk about how the Family Housing Hub operates and how staff work to get families the help they need to begin the path to stability.

Don’t miss the informative discussion; the next online event is this Thursday, February 3rd at 12:00 noon. 

As always, these events are free, but you’ll need to RSVP to attend. Sign up by clicking here.

New UMOM Board Members Begin Their Terms

Please join us in welcoming new UMOM board members Mike Cody and Katie Richards. Mike is an employee benefits consultant with Lovitt & Touché, helping large companies manage their health insurance programs. Katie is the director of customer experience operations for Arizona Public Service Company (APS), where her focus is on ensuring APS provides top-notch customer service.

Our board members serve a critical role with UMOM, as ambassadors for the organization by raising awareness among their colleagues and networks about UMOM’s mission to restore hope, rebuild lives and end homelessness in our community.

It’s Time to Cast Your Target Votes for UMOM

Have you cast your Target votes for UMOM yet?  

Shopping at Target using the Target app earns you votes that can be cast to help UMOM earn grant money!

If you have not downloaded the Target app yet, you still have time to do so to earn votes. Get the app through your smartphone app store, sign up in store at the register or do so online at target.com/circle.


To cast a vote:

  1. Go to the Target app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the  MyTarget icon and you will see how many votes you have (where the pointing finger is).
  3. Click on that and you’ll see a page with more details.
  4. Click one more time and you’ll reach the voting page where you can cast your virtual ballot for UMOM!

Voting continues through March 31st.