Without a Home and with a Newborn Baby, Casandra Get Help.

Casandra had been living with her mom in a stable home. She worked her way up to an assistant manager at an auction house. A job she had for 10 years. Things were going pretty well. But when she unexpectedly became pregnant, things started to unravel.

After maternity leave from the birth of her daughter, Casandra learned she no longer had a job at the auction house. Even worse, the father of her baby, Carlos, was no longer welcome at her mother’s house. So, with a newborn baby, Casandra found herself without a job and the new family found themselves without a home. They stayed with friends for a while but for various reasons, they ended up living in Carlos’ car. One time, someone reached into the car window and stole the baby’s diaper bag. After that, Casandra had trouble sleeping because she felt so unsafe.

Carlos’ job allowed the family to eat, buy formula and even get the occasional night in a cheap motel so they could clean up and take showers. It was a relief to be able to get a good night’s sleep. But again, things took another turn for the worse when one night at the motel, their car along with all of their belongings was repossessed for missing two payments. Without transportation to work, Carlos lost his job.


When all seemed to be lost, facing the prospect of actually living on the streets “again” they got the call from UMOM asking if they still needed shelter. The UMOM team picked them up from the motel and brought them to the family emergency shelter. Now at UMOM, Carlos has been connected to a job and has received some bus passes to get to work. Casandra, who has a traumatic brain injury, is entitled to disability income but her mother was collecting it. Casandra’s UMOM case manager was able to get those funds redirected to her. Help like this doesn’t happen without our generous supporters.

The family is working with UMOM’s housing team to find an affordable place to live. Casandra is looking forward to getting into an apartment with the dream of “someday” owning a home. Casandra would like to get back into the auction business and someday have her own business.

With your help, moms like Casandra are getting the help they need to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances. To find a safe place to sleep. To dream that “someday” they will have a place to call home.

Your help makes it possible for UMOM to be there for those in need like Casandra and the many others in our community experiencing homelessness.