Randy & Laura

Nobody likes getting emails from Human Resources, or HR, known as Talent, here at UMOM. But the ones Laura Tan sends are not always to remind you to submit your self-evaluation or take some HR-ish action.

Most recently, her communications are bubbly and full of energy, excited about getting staff in the same frame of mind for a fun activity, like the employee picnic or holiday luncheon.

Those parts of the job – rather than just paperwork and compliance – are the pieces she loves the most and has been wanting to implement since she arrived at UMOM in 2019.

“It’s my favorite part about HR: being able to show people they are appreciated. People here work so hard for a vulnerable population, and they deserve the recognition,” she says.

Laura is married to another UMOM member of management, Randy Hade, director of Data and Evaluation. Randy has been at UMOM for ten years, beginning as a case manager, then moving on to different roles over time. The pair met some time ago when they were both involved in the AmeriCorps program, initially only crossing paths every so often. They didn’t even begin socializing until much later, after they played in the same extreme frisbee league for several months.

The rest, as corny as it sounds, is history: the Tan-Hades celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in 2021.

Prior to coming to UMOM, Laura had worked on and off at Arizona State University, where she taught workshops and helped students land internships at nonprofit organizations that were effecting social change. After so much time experiencing social justice second hand through students’ writing assignments, Laura longed to work somewhere that was making a tangible difference in people’s lives. Randy had already been at UMOM for several years by then, so Laura was quite familiar with the organization’s work. When she saw the opening for a director of talent, she did not hesitate to make the move.

Randy, meanwhile, has built a data-gathering system that compiles all sorts of valuable information. Randy’s team can track important details to departments across the organization. The numbers are critical for case management staff to track programs that are working for different types of client experiences, as well as for sharing successes with donors and stakeholders.

To Randy, however, the data are not just numbers. Because of his experience as a case manager, they represent real people and real stories. He says being able to see the impact of UMOM’s work has kept him here for the past decade.

“I’m most proud of being part of the team that set up and operates the Family Housing Hub for Maricopa County – it is one of the best in the nation. It allows us to see homelessness beyond the shelter walls and our programs, helps guide our work and understand UMOM’s role and impact in the community.”

We are so lucky to have them both serve here at UMOM!