UMOM is Doing its Part to Protect People in our Community

covid Vac

It’s probably safe to say most of us have developed COVID-19 fatigue: having to steer clear of public places as much as possible, keep our distance and wear masks when we are near others and suspend in-person celebrations and gatherings with family and friends.

It’s much the same at work, with employers implementing safety protocols and following up-to-date Centers for Disease Control recommendations to prevent COVID spread in the workplace.

At UMOM emergency shelters and transitional housing facilities, we are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of everyone who lives and works here. We continue to offer free COVID testing at our main campus every other week, have plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout our facilities (thanks to our community partners who have helped with these supplies!), require mask-wearing in all community areas and publicly display the number of active COVID cases on-site, even if that number is zero. Those who test positive self-quarantine and have meals and essential items, such as toiletries and sanitary items, delivered to their rooms so they can get healthy and keep everyone around them safe.

Thanks to our health care partner, Circle the City, and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, we began offering the Moderna COVID vaccine on the main UMOM campus in February. Thus far, Circle the City’s health care team has inoculated 123 people – both clients and staff – and began administering second doses the first week March.

We are excited about the chance to provide this public health benefit to our clients, which they might struggle to get otherwise. UMOM clients have so much happening in their lives already: dealing with the trauma of losing their homes, looking for a permanent job, caring for themselves and their families, all while trying to avoid getting COVID.

While getting the shots is optional, we encourage everyone to consider the convenience of this opportunity, particularly since appointments are so hard to come by at state and other county-managed sites in the Valley. UMOM will continue to offer the vaccines as long as there is a supply and demand warrants appointments. We are working to provide as much current information about the vaccines as possible, so those who have questions can feel free to ask. If we don’t have the answer, we will do our best to find one.

We will continue to keep our COVID-19 prevention protocols in place until further notice, even after everyone who wants a vaccine has been fully inoculated and we are comfortable it is safe to do so.