Yesterday we started telling you the story of Cindy, a single mother who was living out of her car. Today we continue her story.

After a couple of weeks of trying to find shelter, I finally got word that there was space at UMOM New Day Centers. Oh, happy day! My daughter was looking forward to a warm bed and a place to take a bath, and I was finally relieved to know we would have hot meals and safety at night.

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We settled into the main campus at UMOM. With the help of our Case Manager and Career Development Specialist, I was able to find some job opportunities. We found out we qualified for the Rapid Re-Housing program where UMOM helps cover the cost of rent for up to 90 days until we can qualify for permanent housing. While we were at UMOM, I was able to find two part-time jobs and began saving money for our own apartment. In UMOM’s Child Development Center, thanks to the volunteers and teachers, my daughter was in a safe, nurturing space  where she could learn, socialize and play with kids her own age.

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Not only did UMOM give us the stability we needed  for me to find work and my daughter the ability to develop useful skills, they also gave us the chance to finally be able to stop living out of our car and on our way into a safe home we could call our own. My life was finally getting back together.

Supporters like you are the reason Cindy and her daughter were able to pull themselves out of homelessness. Your donation is how UMOM continues to assist the most vulnerable in our community with housing and services. You’re why UMOM is able to help thousands of individuals in Arizona experiencing homelessness including families, single women and at-risk youth every year.

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As this year ends, help make sure the hopes and dreamsof families like Cindy’s don’t disappear. 

P.S. – I’s not too late to get in your last minute 2017 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation. When you donate to UMOM you can redirect your Arizona state taxes to help those experiencing homelessness. Individuals can receive a tax credit up to $400 and couples filing jointly up to $800.