After 20 years of abuse, Kate gets help.

Escaping from a 20-year domestic violence relationship with two children in the middle of the night takes strength and courage. Kate and her kids left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. They had no money and no place to go. Forced to sleep on cardboard boxes in bushes, Kate began to doubt she was doing the right thing. Maybe she should just go back to her abusive husband.
“UMOM saved my life. They saved my children’s lives.”
But thankfully, it didn’t come to that. UMOM was there to help. And that’s because of you! Thanks to your generous donations, Kate is on top of the world today. She has a job she loves working in the UMOM kitchen, she’s happy, and most importantly, she and her kids have a safe home away from abuse.



“Donations are so important,” says Kate. “Without them, this place wouldn’t be here and without this place, these people would have nothing.” She knows that from her own experience. “You lose yourself in a relationship like that,” says Kate about her abusive husband. “You don’t have a voice; you don’t have anything.”
Kate was able to take advantage of the many services offered at UMOM: a safe, comfortable room for her and the kids, access to healthcare, programs for kids, and nutritious meals. “They have everything here to give you the peace of mind to regroup and get yourself where you need to be,” says Kate.


There are many more stories like Kate’s in our community. Many others need help. Together, we can – and do – change lives by providing a safe place to sleep, hot meals for hungry kids, much-needed healthcare, employment assistance, and more.
Like Kate said, your ongoing generosity is so important. We can’t do this without you. Your contribution today will mean so much to so many. Please know how much we appreciate you and everything you do for the community and UMOM families.
Double your donation. If you make a donation for Giving Tuesday (November 29th), up to $50k in gifts will be matched.

Here’s how we’ve put your past donations to work:

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