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Ending Family Homelessness

Without a Home and with a Newborn Baby, Casandra Get Help. Casandra had been living with her mom in a stable home. She worked her way up to an assistant manager at an auction house. A job she had for 10 years. Things were going pretty well. But when she unexpectedly became pregnant, things started to unravel. After maternity leave from the birth of her daughter, Casandra [...]

A Season of Hope and Renewal

Family homelessness is exploding across the country caused by the pandemic, continual cost of living increases, and the ongoing affordable housing crisis. Unfortunately, Arizona communities have been hit harder than most, with a 35% increase in homelessness just in the last two years. Like so many families seeking help at UMOM, the dominoes started to fall for Mariana and Jorge's family shortly after their toddler son caught [...]

Employee Spotlight

Randy & Laura Nobody likes getting emails from Human Resources, or HR, known as Talent, here at UMOM. But the ones Laura Tan sends are not always to remind you to submit your self-evaluation or take some HR-ish action. Most recently, her communications are bubbly and full of energy, excited about getting staff in the same frame of mind for a fun activity, like the employee [...]

Akia & Nyrah

Helping Families Get Back to a Life of Stability I hesitated to call for help because of my pride, but I could not have done it without UMOM. It had been almost a year since Akia and her 14-year-old daughter, Nyrah, left Texas to spend some time with old friends in Phoenix. Akia needed a break, and she thought it would be good to get away. [...]

March Newsletter

Appreciating You and UMOM's Employees Dear Friends, March is a month of many celebrations, not the least of which is Employee Appreciation Day. You may recall that I talk about UMOM's staff often, and I want to take this moment to do that yet again. UMOM serves thousands of people each year: moms, dads, kids and single women. They meet one-on-one with case managers who care, listen [...]

February Newsletter

We Are Passionate About Our Donors February is an ideal time to talk about how much we appreciate and love our donors. Without your continued support, we could not do the work we do at UMOM.    No child should ever have to sleep on the streets. Together, we are leading the effort to end homelessness in our community.    Every day, you make our work to [...]

Employee Spotlight: Doris

Meet Doris! She has worn many hats while working at UMOM– she previously worked at Helpings (pre-COVID) and more recently, at the front desk as a shelter assistant. But now, she’s the comforting and calm spirit who helps residents get their supplies at the client services office, located in the center of campus. Doris started working at UMOM about two years ago. When she began as [...]

January Newsletter

A New Year's Message to Our Donors Click on the Photo to Watch the Video Jackson Fonder Chief Executive Officer Stockings, Toys and Gift Cards for UMOM Families! UMOM team members distributed hundreds of toys, gift cards and holiday stockings to families this past season, thanks to the generous contributions from the community and dedicated supporters like you! UMOM collected and handed out [...]

Kemora’s Story

Give Hope, Help and Healing Kemora Kemora is the oldest of five children in her family. She is shy, polite and speaks quietly. It’s clear, however, that Kemora is much more mature than most girls her age. At 15, she is fiercely protective of her three younger brothers and three-year-old sister. Kemora’s mom, Sabrina, fled an abusive partner in the spring, taking the family from Indiana [...]

Sabrina’s Story

Give Hope, Help and Healing Sabrina It wasn’t the first time Sabrina and her five children had tried to flee her abusive partner. But deep down, she knew it was her last chance to leave for good. Sabrina loaded up her kids and as many possessions as they could fit in her van and left Indiana headed to Phoenix. Sabrina’s cousin had encouraged her to come [...]

Madeline and Noah

A Season of Joy and Safety Madeline and Noah Madeline knew she needed to break away from her partner of nine years; he was verbally and sometimes physically abusive to her and she was frightened he would one day come after their six-year-old son, Noah. When she finally felt it was safe to leave, a friend gave her and Noah permission to stay at her home [...]

December Newsletter

Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays As we wrap up the year, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you do to support UMOM and our mission of helping families and single women out of homelessness. Day in and day out, you step up and donate your time, goods and funds to help people who need a fresh start. Because of you, we are [...]

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