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How a Mother & Daughter Found Healing

Mallory and her mother, Carrie, had been through a lot. Mallory was a victim of domestic abuse, while Carrie was mixed up in an unsafe drug situation. Mallory was able to flee her abusive situation and rescue her mom, but struggled to find a safe, stable home for the two of them. Despite searching for weeks and calling everywhere she could think of, Mallory found that nearly [...]

Maria’s Story: Hope Restored

Maria, a mother of two young teens, Eduardo, 15, and Jeffrey, 16, was looking for help. Her son Eduardo’s behavior had started to become worrisome, and she was concerned for his well-being. She reached out to various agencies for help, and even reached out to the police several times. Nothing worked. Unfortunately, her efforts backfired. Because she called the police, the landlord asked them to leave. Maria, [...]

Together, we’re changing lives!

After 20 years of abuse, Kate gets help. Escaping from a 20-year domestic violence relationship with two children in the middle of the night takes strength and courage. Kate and her kids left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. They had no money and no place to go. Forced to sleep on cardboard boxes in bushes, Kate began to doubt she was doing the right [...]