Helping Families Get Back to a Life of Stability

I hesitated to call for help because of my pride, but I could not have done it without UMOM.

It had been almost a year since Akia and her 14-year-old daughter, Nyrah, left Texas to spend some time with old friends in Phoenix. Akia needed a break, and she thought it would be good to get away.

Akia liked Arizona so much, she decided they would remain here. She got a temporary holiday job that eventually turned into a full-time permanent position. Things were working out well: Akia and her daughter were staying with the same friends she had come out to visit for a while until she could save enough money to get their own place.

But a disagreement between the friends forced Akia and Nyrah out. They moved into a motel with a co-worker, where they split the cost of rooms. To save as much as possible for a rent deposit, Akia took on side jobs, making deliveries around her work schedule.

It wasn’t enough. No matter how many hours she worked, her income was not going to be sufficient to raise two months’ rent and a deposit while paying for motels. Rents had risen hundreds of dollars since she first got to town at the end of 2020; every dollar she made was going to pay living costs and there wasn’t much left over.

Akia called UMOM for help. She was unsure of what to expect; however, once they settled into their room a few weeks later, Akia was pleased with what UMOM had to offer a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals and most of all, assistance finding an affordable home.

Meanwhile, Nyrah has settled into her school surroundings and made a few close friends, critical to minimizing the trauma she has experienced from not having a permanent place to call home.

That is about to change for the better. UMOM’s housing specialists helped Akia find a new apartment in the West Valley, and she is excited to move in, get settled and get their lives stable.

Families experiencing homelessness count on UMOM.  Your support ensures essential services such as food, shelter, medical care, employment services and so much more are available when they have nowhere else to turn. It helps get families back to a life of stability and into a place to call home.  Thank you for joining our mission to end homelessness.