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25 New Families in Additional Rooms


Dear UMOM Family,

I’m excited to share with you that the 25 additional shelter rooms that we have made available already have families in them! Extending shelter occupancy, we now have 160 families on campus; that’s nearly 800 people! Thank you for stepping up and donating the essential linens, hygiene items, and other goods to create Welcome Baskets for all 25 new families. Because we gift each family who stays at our shelter a Welcome Basket upon arrival, we are always in need of these items. You can click here to view our Wish List for Welcome Baskets!

Right now, we are focusing on securing laptops, tablets, and WiFi hotspots to provide children on campus a way to continue their education. With schools transitioning to online learning, there is an immense barrier created for those who do not have access to technology or the internet. The majority of children here are already behind in school and it is urgent to ensure all kids on campus are able to continue learning during this time. Please consider giving the gift of technology and education to kids who are otherwise unable to participate in schoolwork. Click here to see devices we need donated.

Stay safe and healthy,

Darlene Newsom, Chief Executive Officer