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This is our Home.


Dear UMOM Family,

This past week, the emergency shelter wait list for families increased by 30%. As we continue to do intakes, we are expecting the need for shelter and services to steadily grow. We urgently need your help to expand our capacity to serve those in our community who have no place to call home. Right now, it takes 12 weeks until families have a safe place to sleep and gain access to necessary services and resources. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, that wait time will continue to increase as families currently in shelter stay longer due to the unhealthy environment as well as the lack of permanent employment and housing options.

As an essential service, many members of our UMOM family, including myself, are currently calling our family shelter “home”. Our doors are open for service, and we will continue to provide those in need with access to shelter and resources. We will continue to be a home for those who have no place to call home.


We are pushing forward with our goal of ending homelessness by keeping our community members safe, healthy, and off the streets. But, we cannot do this on our own; we need your help. It’s increasingly crucial that our community can count on us for care and support.

You can support these families, women, and youth, by making an online purchase on Amazon, WalmartTargetCostco, or wherever you shop as a virtual donation. You can also make a gift online. We’re so grateful for your support toward ending homelessness today, and always. None of this would be possible without you. 

Our community relies on your compassion; thank you. 


Darlene Newsom, Chief Executive Officer