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A Message from Darlene at UMOM New Day Centers


Dear UMOM Family,

The UMOM family’s health and well-being has always been and continues to be a top priority.

We hope you and your family are staying safe at home, wherever that may be for you. Though your family may range from two to more than six members, here at UMOM, our family extends to over 800 individuals. The same precautionary measures that we hope you are taking for your families; we are also taking here at UMOM.

After careful consideration, we have made the following decisions:

  1. Helpings Café will be temporarily closed until further notice.
  2. UMOM campuses are closed to outside visitors until further notice.
  3. All volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice.
  4. Only essential UMOM staff members will be on campus unless otherwise notified.

As we prioritize social distancing, our goal is to keep clients safe, healthy, and off of the streets. We are continuing intake of families, single women, and youth experiencing homelessness to ensure the best care is provided throughout our community.

Thank you all for your support toward ending homelessness. None of this would be possible without you. We are still in need, now more than ever. If you are compelled to support these families, women, and youth, please visit our Amazon wish list where you can make a virtual purchase, drive by and drop off donations, or make a donation online.

We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates as needed. We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and your continued support.